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Quick Easy Tips For Cleaning Any Room

Room CleaningStart at the back end of the house. Work your way to the front. Catching one room at the time. Work around the room once. Don't backtrack. Carry your equipment and supplies with you so you don't make dozens of trips back and forth across the room. Walk around the room once and you're done. Work from top to bottom. When you start at the top and work to the bottom, you won't be constantly re-cleaning surfaces with dirt from above.

Don't rinse a surface before it's clean. It is always better to dry wipe than wet wipe first.

All tools must be kept in good shape. This includes clean wiping clothes, razors, spray bottles, and clean vacuum bags.

Janitorial Supplies Organize your caddy. Always keep a neat clean caddy to hold your supplies. Put your supplies in the same place each time. Items are so much easier to find the next time.

Concentrate on what you are doing, It will make the job go faster and easier.

Time Savers & Shortcuts


Hard Water Stains - Use the following to remove:
Bathrooms Dish Washing Gel 
Calgon Bubble Bath
Products Containing Phosphoric Acids 
Lemon Juice
For Soap Scum Use White Vinegar or Lemons.

Caulking And Mildew:
Rubbing Alcohol 
Bleach- Soak Cotton Balls and Let Stand In Corners 

Toilet Bowl: To Brighten Bowl And Refresh pour ½ cup bleach in toilet bowl. Let stand overnight and flush with white vinegar.

Stainless Steel Sinks: For Water Spots Rub Sink With a Lemon or Lemon Juice
Clean Sink with Table Salt 
To Keep Shiny Clean and Polish with Furniture Polish
Cream of Tarter and Hydrogen Peroxide Paste
Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice

Use furniture polish after cleaning of bathtub inserts to help control soap film and scum.


Window Cleaning Clean Windows With Vinegar and Ammonia, Use 1 Part Alcohol to Four Parts Water.

 wad of newspaper or old baby diaper.



Carpet Cleaning When cleaning your own carpet, remember to rent a shampooer with enough vacuuming power to dry within 4-6 hours.

Always use a chemical with a Ph level under 10.
Avoid over-wetting the carpet.
Carpets with stain resistants still need to be cleaned.
Shampoo your carpet at least every 9 months.
Always spot clean and get the spot up as soon as possible.


To keep sponges clean, wash in a dishwasher on the top rack (without dishes in it, of course).
Disinfect sponges using rubbing alcohol.

Washing Dishes:
Add one teaspoon of baking soda to your detergent (It softens hands, too).

Counter Tops:
Use toothpaste to remove rust.
For rings on counter tops, take a drop of dish detergent, rub it in and it's gone.

Trash Cans:
To keep trash cans smelling nice, put a sheet of fabric softener or sprinkle your favorite carpet freshener in the bottom of the can.

Polish the wall behind your stove with furniture polish to help control grease buildup.

To remove skid marks from tennis shoes off floors, use nail polish remover or a pencil eraser.

Foggy Mirrors
Clean and apply a mixture of water and a tiny spot of dish detergent.
Apply a thin coat of foamy shaving cream and wipe until it disappears.
These tips are also good for shower doors.

Remove decals using vinegar and water.
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